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TUESDAY, November 01, 2016 Issue No. 13

PROJECT ELEVATE . . . Project Elevate is a nonprofit organization created by LaTroy Lewis to mentor, culture, cultivate and educate children while building interpersonal relationships between urban youth and impactful community leaders. Lewis is a defensive end for the University of Tennessee Volunteers football team. In October, Project Elevate joined with Sevier Heights Baptist Church for Hero Day, a day that honored the memory of Zaevion Dobson. Participants enjoyed free food, a free car wash, and free fun! To find out more about Project Elevate, visit this link.

TRANSFIGURING ADOPTION . . . MuggleCon was recently held at Barnes & Noble in Knoxville. In addition to celebrating the release of the new Harry Potter Illustrated Edition book, the event raised money for Transfiguring Adoption, a local charity that develops media & resources that nurture growth in foster-adoptive families. Most foster parents are not prepared to handle specialized behaviors brought on by trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, malnutrition and other issues that are present in nearly all foster or adoptive children. Books, movies, songs, and other media are a great way for people to relate to one another and understand each other’s feelings. Transfiguring Adoption helps create ways for parents to engage with kids in their care and start conversations about difficult situations through media. Find out more by visiting this link.  
RACE FOR THE CURE . . . The 20th Annual Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure took place in Knoxville on October 22nd to raise money for breast cancer research, support, and educational awareness. Over the years, Susan G. Komen of Knoxville has granted more than $7 million in the local community and more than $2.5 million towards national research. The race has already raised more than $125,000 and is continuing to collect donations through November 21st. To learn more about the event or Susan G. Komen of Knoxville, visit this link.

LIFT WITH PURPOSE . . . In October, Alex Nicely, the founder of the nonprofit Lift With Purpose, broke the world record for heaviest vehicle pulled 100 meters by wheelchair. Lift With Purpose uses the fitness world as a way to assist disabled familieshaving trouble acquiring the physical therapy or medical equipment they need with a goal of making those individuals more independent. This display of strength was not done for self promotion.  Instead, it was done to raise money for two young sisters that have been diagnosed with Mitochondria Syndrome, for which there is no cure. To learn more about Nicely’s record breaking feat, visit this story provided by WVLT.  Find out more about Lift WIth Purpose by visiting this link.

REMOTE AREA MEDICAL . . . The western region of Haiti, the hardest hit by Hurricane Matthew, has been receiving assistance from a local organization - Remote Area Medical. Commited to providing free dental, vision, and medical care to isolated, impoverished, or underserved communities, Remote Area Medical has been sending in volunteers to address injuries, illness, and hunger. Their medical teams in Haiti have been treating broken bones, wounds, and lacerations.  Additionally, they have been airdropping meals for communities that have been the hardest hit. Efforts are also underway to address long-term medical concerns such as cholera resulting from polluted water. To learn more about this story, visit this link.

SUSANNAH'S HOUSE . . . Susannah’s House is a nonprofit founded by the Cokesbury United Methodist Church. Its mission is to provide outpatient therapy to pregnant women and mothers suffering from drug addiction and abuse. Meghan Denny, who suffered from opioid addiction since high school, was unable to quit despite multiple attempts. Close to giving up all hope, she founded Susannah’s House, where she is now able to receive the support she and her youngest child need. While Meghan’s story is tragic, it is not uncommon in East Tennessee. Susannah’s House is working to reduce the damage that painkillers and other opioids have caused. To read more about Meghan’s story visit this page. To learn more about Susannah’s House, visit this link.

KNOXVILLE CHALLENGER SPORTS . . . A few times each season, the Knoxville Challenger Little League plays against teams like the Tennessee Volunteers Softball Team. This very special nonprofit allows children with mental or physical disabilities to compete in sports. During most of the season, the Challenger Little League competes against each other, but in October they tested their skills against UT student athletes. Parents and coaches say that they’re happy to see their kids having fun and competing like anyone else. Student athletes act as role models, and the kids show how capable they are themselves. At the end of the day, everyone leaves the game feeling like they’ve gained something. To learn more about the Knoxville Challenger Sports, visit this link.

"LIGHTS ON" AFTERSCHOOL . . . After school programs play an important role in the lives of many children, providing opportunities to release their energy after being in class all day, learn new skills, and make new friends. "Lights On" Afterschool celebrates the value of afterschool programs and seeks to expand the number that are available throughout Tennessee. By increasing the number of afterschool programs, fewer youth are left home alone. "Lights On" Afterschool is organized by the Afterschool Alliance, backed by a network of groups including the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and United Way of Tennessee. To learn more about “Lights On” Afterschool, visit this link.

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