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TUESDAY, June 12, 2017  Issue No. 23

COMMUNITY TELEVISION (CTV) . . . Last month on CTV, United Way discussed what community engagement and mobilization means for their organization and how they utilize volunteers. The Knox County Community Action Committee talked about how a recent Elder Abuse Grant, and an ongoing Lifeline program have helped the elderly in Knoxville. Community Shares brought on Tennessee Citizens for Wilderness Planning and Bridge Refugee Services to discuss the work they are doing in Knoxville and East Tennessee. Ijams Nature Center promoted their upcoming events and also discussed the unusal cicada pattern happening now in East Tennessee. Goodwill Industries-Knoxville shared their 2017 award winners and discussed their new Back on Track program. Find out more about CTV by visiting this link.

SAVING HISTORY . . . Knox Heritage recently released its 2017 “Fragile 15”, a list of the most endangered historic buildings and places in Knoxville and Knox County. They release this list every May during National Preservation Month to inform the public and local leaders about the plight of significant historic resources. Often, the endangered buildings and places are representative of issues that endanger other centerpieces of our heritage across the community. Among sites on this year's list are the Standard Knitting Mill, Estabrook Hall on the University of Tennessee campus, and Rule High School. To learn more about Knox Heritage, visit this link.

TAILGATING AGAINST CANCER . . . Eric Berry, former VOL and current Kansas City football player, was in town recently as a guest speaker for Tailgating Against Cancer’s 6th Annual Golf Tournament. The tournament raises money in memory of Stephen Coleman, who lost a three-year battle with cancer six years ago. In honor and remembrance of Stephen, his love for tailgating, and brave fight against brain cancer, this foundation was started shortly after his death. Tailgating Against Cancer is a nonprofit organization with the mission to help support and improve the lives of those suffering from the disease of cancer and ultimately to find a much-needed cure. Find out more about Tailgating Against Cancer and Eric Berry by visiting this link.
EMPOWERING KNOXVILLE . . . For 110 years, the Wesley House has served inner-city Knoxville, and currently offers programs such as structured after-school education, performing arts and cultural education, summer enrichment, and wellness in seniors. They have several fundraisers every year to support their mission of empowering and strengthening the community. Coming up on June 24th, they have their Wesley House Golf Tournament at Egwani Farms Golf Course. The tournament is a scramble format with a shotgun start, and players are able to “purchase” mulligans and tosses for chances to better their scores. To learn more about the Wesley House or upcoming events, visit this link.
NUESTROS NIÑOS . . . Nuestros Niños is a nonprofit organization based in Knoxville that helps children and families in Guatemala. Its mission is to provide service & monetary assistance to adults and children to serve others in a meaningful way and provide adopted children the opportunity to return to their birth country to experience some of the beauty & culture of Guatemala. The organization participates in a few special events every year and also assists an impressive list of other individuals and groups that have plan their own events. Find out more about Nuestros Niños at this link. Click on the “Heroes” button to find out about the individuals/groups and their unique events created to help the organization.

DESTINATION KNOXVILLE . . . Students representing 17 countries attended the 17th annual Global Finals in Knoxville in May. The event is sponsored by Destination Imagination, a nonprofit organization whose goal is to facilitate creativity, courage, and curiosity among students in the areas of fine arts, STEM, and service learning. More than 17,000 participants and visitors gathered in Knoxville to participate or witness the event, which centered around the five themes of celebration, collaboration, cultural exchange, personal growth, and individual decisions. Destination Imagination seeks to impart value in creative thinking so students are better prepared to comfortably navigate the entrepreneurial landscape of the future. To learn more about Destination Imagination and Global Finals, visit this link.

PARROT HEAD PARTY . . . MEDIC Regional Blood Center held its annual Parrot Head Party for the 13th year in May to encourage potential donors to give blood for those who need it. Decorations, games, live music, prizes, and free food were provided. Local parrot celebrity, “Einstein”, from Zoo Knoxville attended the event to provide entertainment to donors as well. The drive was scheduled just before the summer when blood centers typically experience shortages despite the constant need for the blood. MEDIC provides life-saving blood to 28 hospitals in the East Tennessee region. To learn more about MEDIC, visit this link.

SCHOOL SUPPLIES . . . Knoxville Dream Center is currently collecting supplies for teachers of local Title 1 schools now through Sunday, July 23. Many times teachers purchase supplies with their own money for students to use throughout the year. Knoxville Dream Center hopes to ease the burden by collecting and distributing donations for the teachers of Inskip, Fountain City, Pond Gap, and Norwood Elementary schools. Last year, 120 teachers received supply bags containing $35 worth of items, but this year the nonprofit hopes to triple the amount of aid to 360 teachers. To find out more about the Teacher Supply Drive and the Knoxville Dream Center, visit this link.

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