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TUESDAY, July 11, 2017  Issue No. 24

COMMUNITY TELEVISION . . . Last month on CTV, the Knox County Community Action Committee discussed their Power of the Purse fundraiser for the Mobile Meals program. Community Shares welcomed Ijams Nature Center, Invest Knoxville, and the Highlander Center to share their missions and the work that they do. United Way interviewed representatives of some new grant recipients, including the Shangri-la Therapeutic Academy of Riding and Susannah’s House. Ijams Nature Center promoted their upcoming events and talked about mud and baby turtles. The Asian Cultural Center chatted with Mr. Mizuguchi, the principal of a local Japanese School. Goodwill Industries-Knoxville shared summer fashion tips and why donations make a difference. Find out more about CTV by visiting this link.

KNOXVILLE BREWFEST . . . The 7th Annual Knoxville Brewfest recently held in downtown Knoxville featured beers from over 80 breweries. The event raised money for CureDuchenne, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to save this generation of children and young adults with Duchenne - the most common and severe form of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects boys. 15,000 boys in the United States and 300,000 boys worldwide are living with Duchenne. Find out more about CureDuchenne by visiting this link and more about Knoxville Brewfest by visiting this link.

KNOXVILLE MERCURY FAREWELL . . . After publishing over 100 issues in a little more than two years, Knoxville Mercury has decided to distribute its last issue on July 20. The paper was not able to generate enough revenue through advertisements, major donations, or small donations from readers to sustain the publication. Its approach to recruiting 501(c)(3) nonprofit Knoxville History Project for ownership and funding of the paper was unique, but ultimately it was not enough to keep the publication afloat. The paper originally arose out of Knoxville residents’ desire for an independent, locally-owned news publication after Metro Pulse left a void when it ceased operations. Find out more about Knoxville Mercury by visiting this link.
GENTLE BARN . . . You may recall the story of Dudley, the 3-year-old steer with a prosthetic foot. If not, check out the story by visiting this link. The Gentle Barn, a nonprofit organization in West Knox County, rescued Dudley and took care of him for two years. Recently however, he died after developing an irreparable ulcer. The organization’s goal, through stories and interactions with their animals, is to raise future generations to have reverence for all life, protect our planet, and live good healthy & happy lives. Check out more on The Gentle Barn by visiting this link.
ABLE TN . . . Recently, State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr., and the Tennessee Department of Treasury celebrated the first anniversary of Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE). ABLE TN, one of the nation’s first programs to launch, has provided a valuable resource to help more than 1,000 individuals with disabilities save more than $5 million since June 2016. Administered by the Tennessee Treasury Department, ABLE TN is a savings program designed to help individuals with disabilities put aside money to pay for qualified expenses. To learn more about ABLE TN, visit this link.

WHO’S WHO . . . The Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), whose mission is to eradicate racism, empower women, advocate peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all, recently had one of its executives recognized by Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide. The organization recognizes executives and professional individuals in many industries so they may receive the acknowledgement they deserve. Nora Robinson who is Director of Events at YWCA was recognized for everything she does for the YWCA and the community in which she volunteers her time. Find out more about YWCA and the work it does in the community by visiting this link.

LUNGEVITY . . . LUNGevity is the nation’s leading lung cancer-focused nonprofit organization. The group is changing outcomes for people with lung cancer through research, education, and support. The organization holds events throughout the country. According to The Farragut Press, two sisters in Knoxville are holding an event in Knoxville on July 12. They are raising money for LUNGevity because their mother was diagnosed with Stage IV non-small cell non-smoker’s lung cancer. The event, Lemons for LUNGevity, will feature a lemonade and dance party. Find the article at this link. Find out more about LUNGevity by visiting this link.

NEW PATHS . . . In an effort to divert some traffic away from the Appalachian Trail, which has recently experienced overcrowding, the Great Eastern Trail Association is working to create a new long distance hiking trail. Similar to the way the Appalachian Trail was constructed, the Great Eastern Trail is recruiting volunteers and volunteer groups to build the new trails. While it will be primarily used for hiking, some sections of the trail may be open to mountain bikes. The final length is expected to span 1,600 miles from Alabama to New York. To learn more about The Great Eastern Trail, visit this link.

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