Scoop of the Day

Scoop of the Day is a new video series sponsored by CTV featuring short video clips produced by local nonprofit organizations using their cell phones.    This series provides impactful information in small “scoops” for the purpose of generating community support and encouraging participation in the delivery of specific services to the community.

NO fee or special training is required.  Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Decide what “scoop” your organization would like to serve up.
  2. Select someone to present the message “on camera” any way you choose.
  3. Have someone else record the message using a cell phone.
  4. Share the recording with CTV so a professional opening and series title may be added.
  5. Watch the finished video on cable TV and share it far and wide via social media.

Click THIS LINK to watch a short video that demonstrates how easy it is to record a “Scoop of the Day” using a cell phone.

Click THIS LINK to watch some of the “Scoop of the Day” episodes produced by other local nonprofit organizations.

For further information about this video series, contact Jonathon at CTV 865-215-8848.