Suspension of Privileges

6.01   General Statement 

In order to ensure that CTV equipment and facilities remain in good working order and are used in such a manner as to fulfill CTV’s contractual obligations to our funding jurisdictions, CTV reserves the right to refuse on a temporary or permanent basis or otherwise initiate disciplinary or legal actions against individuals or organizations that violate the Code of Conduct or otherwise interfere with or jeopardize CTV operations or otherwise violate these Operating Policies.  Suspension/termination of privileges may be appealed to the CTV Board of Directors.

6.02   Code Of Conduct 

Individuals and organizations using the CTV facilities and channel must agree to abide by all CTV policies regarding the use of equipment or channels for the production and presentation of their programming. In addition, they are expected to respect the rights and dignity of the staff and other individuals in the facility. Conduct that discriminates against or degrades any person will not be tolerated. A reasonable standard of courtesy and respect must be observed. CTV reserves the right to restrict any person from using CTV facilities for violation of this or other policies that result in the disruption of CTV activities and operations. Executive Producers are responsible for the actions of their crew and parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children while in the facility.   Violations of CTV policies by crewmembers may result in disciplinary action for the Executive Producer and the entire production crew.

In addition to the Code of Conduct, individuals who use the CTV facilities and/or channel must agree to abide by the following rules. Specific violations are set forth in writing in order to provide notice to all who use CTV facilities. They are not designed to define violations in exhaustive terms.  Individuals may be accountable to both civil/criminal authorities and CTV for acts which constitute violations of law on or off the premises. Individuals shall be subject to disciplinary action for violation of any provision of the CTV policies.

The following acts are prohibited:

  1. False information: Intentionally providing false information to CTV for the purpose of obtaining services, access to channel time, or to avoid determination of facts in accordance with any CTV investigation or hearing.
  2. Misrepresentation: Intentional misrepresentation by a producer as a CTV employee, representative, or agent.
  3. Use of CTV Name/Logo: Unauthorized use of the CTV logo, name, indicia, motto, or symbols for any purpose without prior consent by the CTV management.
  4. Unauthorized Use: Using facilities or equipment for private, commercial, or any purpose other than production of programming for broadcast.
  5. Destruction of Property: Intentionally and/or recklessly destroying or damaging CTV property or the property of others on CTV premises or at CTV sponsored events or activities.
  6. Lewd Behavior: Engaging in lewd, indecent, erotic, or obscene behavior on CTV premises or at CTV sponsored activities.
  7. Dangerous Behavior: Engaging in any behavior which endangers the safety of persons or property at the access center.
  8. Harassment, Threats and/or Physical Harm: Threatening, intimidating, harassing (sexually or otherwise) or physically harming another person on CTV premises or at any CTV sponsored activity or event.
  9. Disrupting CTV Functions: Intentionally and/or recklessly interfering with the normal CTV operations or with CTV sponsored activities.
  10. Unlawful Acts: Engaging in any unlawful act while on CTV premises.
  11. Illegal Drugs: Use, possession or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug on CTV premises or at CTV sponsored events.
  12. Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside the CTV facilities.
  13. Theft or Conversion: Deprivation of another person’s property including CTV property or services without that individual’s or CTV’s authorization.
  14. Trespassing: Unauthorized entry into restricted areas.
  15. Landlord Violations: Violating the policies of the facility landlord or Public Building Authority.
  16. Weapons, Firearms, Explosives & Dangerous Chemicals: Use or possession of any weapon, explosives, dangerous chemicals, substances or instruments or other weapons, as defined by state law, which may be used to inflict bodily harm on another individual or damage upon CTV premises or CTV sponsored events is prohibited, except when being displayed or demonstrated in conjunction with a bona fide production, for which permission has been granted by the CTV management.

6.03   Disciplinary Actions  Engaging in any of the acts described in Section 6.02 may result in immediate and permanent revocation of access privileges.  The CTV management and Board of Directors will determine the termination or length of any suspension based on circumstances surrounding and the severity of the incident(s) that resulted in the suspension.  Services may also be suspended or prohibited to individuals for criminal activities off-site that may pose a danger to CTV or its operations. Suspension or termination of privileges may be appealed to the CTV Review Board.

The following will certainly result in immediate and permanent revocation of access privileges:

  1. Physical assault of a CTV employee or other individuals.
  2. Theft, Vandalism, or Willful Damage of CTV facilities or equipment, or the property of other individuals while at CTV facilities or events.
  3. Providing False Information to CTV regarding identity or other required information, including falsification of legal agreements required for use of the CTV facilities and channels.
  4. Repeated verbal or physically Abusive Behavior.