Use of Production Equipment

4.01      General Guidelines

The primary intent for the use of CTV facilities and equipment must be to create programming that will be seen on the access channel.  CTV equipment shall not be used in any way for commercial promotion, personal profit, or remuneration.  Violation of this policy may result in suspension or revocation of access privileges.

Producers are encouraged to seek technical assistance from the CTV team during the pre-production planning of their programs. The team is discouraged from providing creative assistance related to the actual content and is not permitted to produce your program for you.  are permitted to provide suggestions related to specific equipment, techniques, and planning that could be used to help ensure a successful project.

CTV production equipment and facilities are made available at no additional cost on a first-come, first-served basis to producers who have paid their annual video access fee and have been certified to operate CTV equipment.  Under no circumstances may CTV equipment be transported outside of Knox Co., Tennessee.

4.02   Equipment Availability and Use

All equipment and facilities must be reserved prior to use. Reservations may be made by phone or in person on a first-come, first-served basis.   If a reservation must be changed or canceled for any reason, it is important to notify the CTV team as soon as possible.  Producers who repeatedly make reservations but fail to fulfill their commitment to notify when exceptions arise may lose access privileges. Producers are also responsible for making sure facilities are left in good order and any equipment malfunctions are reported to the team.   Persons under the age of 18 must be under adult supervision at all times while using CTV facilities or equipment.

Trained community producers who are at least 18 years of age may check out portable equipment.  An Equipment Reservation Form must be signed, accepting financial responsibility for any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged while in their possession.  If a producer under the age of 18 wishes to check out portable equipment, an adult must always sign the Equipment Reservation Form and provide adult supervision while equipment is being used.  Under no circumstances may CTV equipment be transported outside of Knox Co.  CTV reserves the right to adjust equipment use policies based on user demand and the availability of production equipment.

4.03   Computer Equipment

CTV may authorize confidential logins and passwords on computer equipment, but producers should have no expectation of privacy or security of the material loaded or stored on such equipment. Producers are strictly prohibited from loading (or off-loading) software of any kind without approval from the management. Except for CTV-owned cameras, producers are prohibited from attaching any other cameras to CTV computer equipment without staff assistance.  Absolutely no other peripheral equipment may be attached to CTV computers without approval from the management.  CTV may monitor access to computer equipment to ensure the security and operating performance of its systems and networks and enforce CTV policies.  While CTV does not routinely review the content of raw video footage or finished programs, viewing of video files may occur for the reasons specified above.

4.04      Media Files and DVDs

Due to the high volume of media files, (both, digital & physical), that passes through the facility, CTV cannot be responsible for the security of media owned by producers that is left at the facility.  If media owned by a producer is left at the facility, it should not be the only copy.  Media left at CTV for longer than 30 days may be deleted.