Community Television of Knoxville


Since its inception in 1975, CTV has been committed, first and foremost, to providing community programming on cable TV.    Since 2008, CTV has also been providing a live Internet video stream.  Streaming large amounts of video data requires strong, high-speed connections on the user end.  Poor connections or low bandwidth can result in interrupted transmission.  Variations can also occur depending on the Internet service provider, browser, and/or condition of the device being used.

If you are experiencing an issue related to the performance of our LIVE STREAM, please make sure you have tried to refresh your page.  If you are still experiencing any trouble viewing our live stream or our broadcast on cable TV, please click the orange button to report the issue so we can investigate it.  Please provide as much detail as you can on the form.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


The pandemic has created many scenarios in our lives where we must adapt over the past year. Community Television of Knoxville has had to adapt how we operate as well. Due to the inability to gather in confined spaces to conduct our regular training workshops, CTV has incorporated online trainings via the Zoom platform. These workshops have included portable equipment and video editing workshops that are geared toward teaching our prospective community producers everything they need to know to get their shows on our channel- all at no cost during the pandemic. CTV recognizes the usefulness of virtual training and will continue to offer this as an option to those who may prefer it going forward. If you have anything you would like to share with the community, be sure to contact us today to get started!


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