Community Television of Knoxville

Since its inception in 1975, CTV has been committed, first and foremost, to providing community programming on cable TV.    Since 2008, CTV has also been providing a live Internet video stream.  Streaming large amounts of video data requires strong, high-speed connections on the user end.  Poor connections or low bandwidth can result in interrupted transmission.  Variations can also occur depending on the Internet service provider, browser, and/or condition of the device being used. 

If you are experiencing an issue related to the performance of our LIVE STREAM, please make sure you have tried to refresh your page.  If you are still experiencing any trouble viewing our live stream or our broadcast on cable TV, please click the orange button to report the issue so we can investigate it.  Please provide as much detail as you can on the form.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

   Providing gavel to gavel coverage of local government meetings and original programs produced by local residents and nonprofit organizations since 1975.   Exploring  All WAYS  to create video programs that provide inspiration and build community.



This year, Community Television of Knoxville is celebrating 45 years of service to Knoxville residents, including many of your neighbors! Currently, we are expanding our outreach with increased focus on helping neighborhood groups overcome challenges related to neighbor-to-neighbor communication and neighbor engagement.

Don’t get left behind!

If your neighborhood has not yet participated in the CTV neighborhood focus group study currently underway, it’s not too late.  Focus group interviews will continue through February.

This study is a perfect ‘COVID-safe’ activity that will help to energize or re-energize neighborhood groups that have become less active as a result of having to adjust to the ongoing pandemic.  Your participation involves one 45-minute Zoom session with 3 – 7 residents of your neighborhood scheduled at the convenience of the group.  No preparation is required.  

At the conclusion of the study, each participating neighborhood group will receive a comprehensive report summarizing input received from all groups on topics related to:

  • unique neighborhood characteristics,
  • effective neighbor communications,
  • increasing neighbor engagement & participation
  • successful neighborhood projects & future ideas, and
  • successful fundraising activities

Participating neighborhood groups will learn from the shared successful experiences of other neighborhood groups and will also discover easy ways to use CTV to help them achieve their neighborhood goals.

Please contact Kevin Jeske-Polyak by phone at 865-215-4352, or email: to express your neighborhood’s interest in participating in our focus group study. Sign up at THIS LINK.

All focus groups will be conducted via Zoom.  Each will be scheduled at a convenient time for the participants on any day of the week, or time of day. Participants will include 3 – 7 neighborhood residents selected by your group, which may include both, members, and nonmembers of your board.

Important Note:  These focus groups will NOT be aired on CTV. The purpose is to help the neighborhood groups explore ways to overcome obstacles related to communication and neighbor participation.

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