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TUESDAY, November 15, 2016 Issue No. 14

KNOX PAWS . . . Knox PAWS (Placing Animals with Seniors) is a program of CAC’s Office on Aging. The service matches eligible seniors with adoptable pets. Research indicates that pets improve seniors' physical, emotional, and mental health. Knox PAWS works with area animal shelters to match senior pets with senior citizens. Program participants must be 60 years of age or older, residents of Knox County, income-eligible, and live independently in a pet-friendly environment. If participants cannot afford pet food, it is provided through the Feed A Pet Project in partnership with the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and RSVP. Pets adopted by Knox PAWS participants are given medical exams, vaccinations, microchips, and are spayed or neutered. Find out more about PAWS by visiting this link.

HEARTHSCARES BALL . . . Knoxvillians celebrate Halloween in many ways, but supporters of the James White’s Fort Association attend a special event to raise money for preservation of the Fort. Festivities in October of this year included a silent auction and costume contest, dancing, and other Halloween hi-jinks! This organization’s goal is to preserve Knoxville’s First Home and the history of Knoxville. The Fort is visited by over 10,000 people each year who want to experience the frontier lifestyle. To learn more about the James White’s Fort Association, visit this link.

SHARPS RIDGE . . . The Veterans Heritage Site Foundation is a Knoxville based nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving and maintaining Veterans Heritage Sites, educating the public about the importance of maintaining Veterans Heritage Sites and, passing the Veteran’s legacy to our future generations. This month, the group held the First Annual Veterans Heritage Ridge Run, a fund-raiser for Sharps Ridge Park. The group has adopted the park and will dedicate one day each month to clean up the park. Members of the group recently asked the Knoxville’s Park Naming Committee to change the name of the park to “Sharps Ridge Veterans Memorial Park” and have big plans for the newly renamed park. Find out more at this link.  
FOSTERING WORLD PEACE . . . Children’s International Summer Villages is an international peace organization operating in 70 countries that focuses on educating children about world peace. Their ideology is that if kids from around the world become friends when they are young, they will remain friends in adulthood and have a greater understanding of the world while fostering world peace. There are many ways to get involved including summer camps and interchange programs in the participating countries.  The next Informational day is Sunday, November 20 from 3 – 5 pm at Central United Methodist Church located at 201 Third Avenue. To find out more about Children’s International Summer Villages, visit the local chapter’s webpage at this link.
ZAEVION DOBSON MEMORIAL PARK . . . The recent death of local student Zaevion Dobson who was protecting three of his friends from gunfire has sparked a movement in the Lonsdale Community. His mother Zenobia recently spoke at the 2016 Charles H. Miller Lecture in Professional Responsibility at the University of Tennessee to promote safe recreational centers in the city where children can learn and play safely. The planned Zaevion Dobson Memorial Playground & Park in Lonsdale will include a memorial plaque for Zaevion Dobson, playground equipment for young children, a multipurpose lawn for sports and other activities, benches for adult supervision, security lighting, and monitoring and maintenance by Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation. To learn more about the park, visit this link.

TRINITY HEALTH . . . In October, Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee announced the recipients of Phase II of its Health Initiative Grants. Over $900,000 in grants was awarded to eight non-profits doing work in East Tennessee. These grants are one part of Trinity’s year-long effort of improving the physical, emotional and spiritual health in this region. The money will support projects dealing with childhood trauma, domestic violence, and neonatal abstinence syndrome among other initiatives. To learn more about the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee, visit this link.

PILOT PUMPERS . . . Pilot stores around Knox County recently teamed up with United Way of Greater Knoxville for their largest fundraiser of the year. During their 24th Annual Pilot Pumpers event, Pilot donated 5 cents for every gallon of gas pumped and 10 cents for every dollar spent inside all Knox County Pilot stores to United Way of Greater Knoxville. Local celebrities, including Smokey from the University of Tennessee, pumped gas for motorists, handed out coupons to Pilot stores and told customers about the purpose of the fundraiser. Pilot Pumpers raised over $93,000 this year making it another record breaking event for United Way of Greater KnoxvilleFind out more about Pilot Pumpers by visiting this link.

WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA . . . In honor of Veterans Day this year, Pilot Flying J showed it’s support for Wreaths Across America - a non-profit organization that honors veterans and educates Americans about their sacrifices. During the year, this organization regularly holds wreath-laying ceremonies at veteran cemeteries all over the country. Donors and sponsors like Pilot Flying J support events such as these. This year, they donated a percentage of their Veterans Day sales from travel coffee refills. This can add up to more than $25,000. To learn more about Wreaths Across America, visit this link.

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