Dispute Resolution

8.01   Dispute Resolution and the Appeals Process

It is hoped that disputes can be resolved by a good faith effort to reasonably discuss the problem to arrive at an acceptable solution for everyone involved.  When this is not acceptable or practical, a user may file a formal written request with the management to call a meeting of the CTV Review Board.  If an individual wishes to file an appeal to a staff decision they should file a written formal request and return it to the management within 30 days of the staff decision.  The management will notify the Review Board and set a meeting date within 30 days of the receipt of the request. The appellant will be given the opportunity to address the Review Board during the meeting.  Decisions of the Review Board may be appealed by requesting a review by the CTV Board of Directors using the same process described above.  Decisions of the CTV Board of Directors are considered final.

8.02   Review Board 

The Review Board deals with dispute resolution relating to member status, production guidelines, and channel use.  The Review Board is a committee comprised of 3 CTV Board members.

The responsibilities of the Review Board include, but are not limited to:

  • Appeals for producers whose privileges have been suspended
  • Review of programs for adherence to CTV policies
  • Appeals for programming denied for broadcast
  • Response to viewer complaints not otherwise resolved by CTV staff
  • Review of procedures for compliance with operating policies
  • Advise staff on policy interpretation for specific cases

Review Board meetings require a quorum of three.   Decisions of the Review Board are made by majority vote.  Minutes of all Review Board meetings will be sent to the Board of Directors.  Vacancies will be filled by the CTV Board of Directors for the duration of the unexpired term.