Submit programs via Dropbox


Dropbox is a free service active KCM producers may use to submit programs online.   Producers who wish to use Dropbox must submit their programs at least two business days prior to air.Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 2.56.57 PM

To use Dropbox, a user account must first be created at the Dropbox website.   It is simple, fast, and free!   Next, an e-mail must be sent to to request a Dropbox “invitation” from KCM.

Once you accept our invitation, you will receive an e-mail confirmation and a folder titled “KCM Community Producers” will appear at your Dropbox account.  Then, you may begin uploading files without uploadhaving to request any future invitations.  To upload a file, open the “Community Producers” folder and select UPLOAD from the menu at the top.  You will be prompted to SELECT your file and begin the upload.

 KCM Staff will alert you via e-mail or by phone after we have received your file.