Community Engagement Calendar


For many years, CTV has proudly hosted a graphics-based community calendar to help local nonprofit organizations promote events.  Today, it is the most widely viewed, regularly updated community calendar in our region, airing on our channel between scheduled programs and at other times throughout the day and night, to reach the widest audience possible. Our online version allows many more to view the calendar at any time from anywhere on the front page of our web site.

In the past, our calendar was restricted to announcements related to date-specific events.  That has changed.  During the COVID crisis, we understand very few nonprofit organizations are actually sponsoring events right now, but with so many viewers watching CTV, this is a great time to promote your organization in other ways. 

Our improved Community Engagement Calendar now provides information about both, date-specific events and the regular programs & services provided by nonprofit organizations. Even if you have no events going on right now, please use THIS LINK to provide a thumbnail sketch of some of the important programs and services you provide. 

During 2021, We will be happy to promote your organization through our calendar for Free!  There are only two (2) REQUIREMENTS a nonprofit organization must meet to post announcements on our calendar:

  1. Official proof of the organization’s Nonprofit Status.  The preferred proof is a copy of your state or federal nonprofit determination letter.
  2. A registered User Account using the real name of an organization representative.  Email to quickly set up your account, or call 865-215-8848.


  • Announcements should be presented concisely using 25 words or less.
  • Prices for admission or tickets may not be mentioned.
  • Announcements may run for up to 6 weeks.
  • Up to 4 different announcements may be posted per month.
  • Note: The customary $30 annual calendar access fee has been waived for 2021.