If you haven’t already seen an episode of “Neighborhood Selfies”, keep watching CTV!   This unique series, produced by neighborhood residents with very little help from CTV staff, features 2-minute episodes related to the many different neighborhoods and neighborhood organizations in Knoxville, including:

  • neighborhood news
  • neighborhood history
  • neighborhood residents
  • unique homes in the neighborhood
  • beautiful gardens in the neighborhood
  • neighborhood activities
  • neighborhood events
  • locally owned businesses in the neighborhood
  • services offered to neighborhoods

Every episode of Neighborhood Selfies is recorded using an ordinary cell phone to demonstrate how easy it is for any resident to share.  Sharing information about your neighborhood can provide inspiration to other neighborhoods which can result in making Knoxville an even more fun place to live, work, and play.

For more information about how you can begin producing your own neighborhood selfies, contact Kevin Jeske-Polyak at CTV.  Call 865-215-8848, or email