Community Television of Knoxville

   Providing gavel to gavel coverage of local government meetings and original programs produced by local residents and nonprofit organizations since 1975.   Exploring  All WAYS  to create video programs that provide inspiration and build community.

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On Christmas Eve, Community Television of Knoxville will celebrate 45 years of service to the residents of Knoxville, including many of the people who live in your neighborhood!  As we prepare for 2021, we are expanding our targeted outreach with increased emphasis on helping neighborhood organizations overcome obstacles related to communication and neighbor engagement.  Click on the kitty cat to watch a 2-minute video describing the project.

To help us help you, we would like to invite your neighborhood to participate in our neighborhood focus group study. Whether, your neighborhood group is very active or struggling to gain traction, your participation is very important.  Every participating group will receive a comprehensive report in January with summarized findings related to:

·     unique neighborhood characteristics
·     successful methods to improve neighborhood communications
·     successful strategies to increase neighbor engagement
·     successful neighborhood projects & future project ideas
·     successful neighborhood fundraising & future fundraising ideas

All focus groups will be conducted via Zoom.  Each will be scheduled at a convenient time for the participants on any day of the week, or time of day. Participants will include 3 – 7 neighborhood residents selected by your group, which may include both, members, and nonmembers of your board. Please contact me by phone at 865-215-4352, or email:  to express your interest in participating in this focus group study. Sign up at THIS LINK.

Important Note:  These focus groups will NOT be aired on CTV. The purpose is to help the neighborhood groups explore ways to overcome obstacles related to communication and neighbor participation.