To help you EXPAND your viewing audience via CTV’s Facebook social media network, we invite you to submit Producer Episode Promo’s we call “PEPs”.  If you would like us to help you in this way, please submit one PEP for each show you submit.  Each PEP:

PEPeroni will be less than 60 seconds in length.
PEPeroni will say something specific about each particular show.
PEPeroni may include an invitation to watch during your time slot.
PEPeroni will be named the same as the show, but “PEP” will be added      to the file name.
PEPeroni will be submitted along with the particular show it is      promoting.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a CTV Staff member!
Don’t get left behind!  Click the videos below to watch how some of our producers are already promoting their shows with PEPs distributed via our Facebook social media network.

PEPeroni Democratic Television Live

PEPeroni Obey the Word

PEPeroni Signs of the Times

PEPeroni The Spirit of Truth

PEPeroni Can We Talk About It Live

PEPeroni Voices of Change