What’s Your Story?

WhatsYourStoryCTV has always been committed to helping residents in our community share their stories, whether through video or audio programs.

Stories presented on CTV include: discussion and decision-making at local public meetings, interviews with community leaders and representatives of nonprofit organizations, biographies of community residents and local neighborhoods, creative original works of fiction and artistic expression, and other programs that inform, entertain, and provide inspiration.

Sharing your story on CTV is very easy, inexpensive and can be done several different ways:

  1. You may submit a DVD with a video recording you created using your own camera or cell phone.
  2. You may submit a CD or DVD with an audio recording you have recorded using your own recording equipment.
  3. Once trained, you may use CTV’s portable cameras and audio recording equipment to create programs at home.
  4. Once trained, you may use CTV’s studios and editing facilities to create and add effects to your programs if you wish.

Find out more by exploring this web site and talking to any CTV Staff Member.