Wanted: Tennessee Volunteers! . . .

TNflagTennessee ranks forty-third of the fifty states and DC in volunteer service. Let’s improve that ranking! Volunteers help make life a little better for individuals and the community as a whole. Volunteer opportunities are available for people with various amounts of time and skill levels.

The City of Knoxville has volunteer opportunities listed at http://www.cityofknoxville.org/newcomers/volunteers.asp. Check the United Way of Greater Knoxville’s web site at www.uwgk.org. – or give your favorite non-profit a call and let them know you are available!

You can also volunteer at Community Television of Knoxville and produce your own television program. Our facilities are available to Knoxville and Knox County residents who want their voices heard. Our web site is www.ctvknox.org.

Let’s get our Tennessee Volunteer Spirit to work!